Sunday, June 12, 2011

Software Evaluations of Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Polar has software that goes with the watches so that workouts can be downloaded and analyzed by students and PE teachers.

It's called Polar ProTrainer 5 Software. You try it for free for thirty days or you can buy it for $79.69. It can only be used on a Windows operating system, which is a draw back. It can be purchased as a single user or group.

This is a very good software that goes along with the watches, but the watches themselves can be expensive ranging from $150-300 for the ones that are compatible with the software.

With this software students are able to download workouts and program workouts that they designed into their watches. The software is fairly easy for anyone to use and their is support provided online or by phone. Teachers and students can print off reports of individual workouts or a semesters worth with charts and graphs that help students and parents understand what benefits are gain from various activities.

I would not recommend this software unless you already have the polar watches that can record the workouts to be downloaded to the software.

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